Modiify was founded in 2008 was brought by tom_mods in 2017 Modiify also owns gamepadgeek

We cannot predict the if, when or how new game patches will be executed. But once they are released we put all of our resources into cracking the patch as quickly as possible. In the past most patches were bypassed in less than 24 hours. While our warranty does not cover these types of updates we will offer update services for a small fee for a period of time after any update is released.

Yes! All controllers are brand new from retail packaging. The only game play on the controller will be from our tedious testing procedures. So you can rest assured that your controller will have a long life.

a. This offer applies only to new modified controllers. Non modified controllers are covered by manufacturer warranty only and is the responsibility of the buyer to contact the manufacturer for warranty service. Used or clearance items will have their own warranty terms and conditions.

b. Our warranty covers Defects of the mod and the controller itself for a term of 1 year from the date of purchase.

c. Our Warranty does NOT cover conditions related to Abuse, neglect, wear and tear or natural disasters. This includes, but is not limited to, Worn or broken thumbsticks, loss of calibration, pushed in or broken buttons, damaged caused by exposure to liquids or any other conditions which are not a result of a manufacturing defect.

d. Patches or updates are NOT covered under warranty. All controllers are sold to function with the current state of games noted in the description. any changes to these games which prevent the controller from working are NOT covered under warranty. e. Removal or tampering with any security seals will void the warranty of the controller.

All order will be track in the Uk you will get a email after the item been sent with the tracking number for out side uk all item are tracked and signed for email with be sent the same.

For build your own controller come back soon

we use only Lead free solder and RoSH compliant components in all of our mods. This not only helps protect our environment but also our modders while working on your controller.

We do not sell any mod chip for the NS

we did own a site that just sells badubs but due to the time running we just added them here with guides